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cbse schools in mumbaiAt Orchids The International School, we believe our institution’s credibility comes from Human Capital, Infrastructure, Accreditation and a Proven track record. Our Human Essence, most importantly our teaching staff play a vital role since they constantly facilitate delivery of our unique educational program. They have been part of the top CBSE schools in Mumbai and across India.


Teachers play a pivotal role in the process of child development and learning. To mould tender minds into fearless, principled and confident individuals is a cardinal role of our teaching staff. Our teachers are interpreters of your child’s needs and are responsible for stimulating a sense of inquisitiveness within them. Simply put, a teacher’s role at Orchids International School is to love, inspire and encourage children to believe in themselves and their dreams.


This is explicitly why Orchids International School, in a one of a kind initiative in India, has instituted a 6 day Induction & 12 day BOOT Camp (Breaking Ground Objective Orchid Teacher’s Camp) for newly inducted teaching staff. This week-long program trains our staff in student interaction, program delivery and hones their skills to perform in a micro-teaching environment.


While attending BOOT camp, our teachers are observed and monitored by moderators. Teachers training is continual throughout the year.



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