Pre Primary

At Orchids The International School, we believe Pre-Primary (Play School, LKG, UKG, Nursery) education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses. Our infrastructure and unique teaching methodology allows us to help children to develop their senses with interactive puzzles, group exercises and object manipulation supplemented with standard checks and basic tests to ensure progress.

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Pre-primary - Teaching Methodology

A Pre-primary children brain requires nuturing and our team at Orchids ensures that we leave no stone untouched. Therefore, our qualified teachers from top notch institution has designed material which take care of both aspect of child’s brain which ensures overall development. Thus, providing me edge among peers by the time they reach Grade I.

Below contains teaching methodlogy we employ for our pre-primary grades:

Maria Montessori – focus on exploration and learning using five senses

The Orchids Curriculum is divided into a number of teaching methods that bring all your child learning modalities into play while learning. Tha Maria Montessori method of teaching comprises 20% of our syllabus

This method uses the art of experiential learning to fully engage your child's senses using hands on experience. For example - if we were to teach your child the concept of over and under - instead of just appealing to their logic - we appeal to their sense - by making them use wooden blocks to help them get a grasp of the concept.

The benefit of using this teaching method is the fact that your child is able to retain this information for a longer period.

Reggio Emilia – Parental involvement and documentation

This method uses the feedback from parents to help children get confidant about the concepts they learn in school. The way we do this - is by preparing children for presentations that they put up when we invite you to watch your kids perform. Through Parent teacher meetings - we use academic feedback to give your child the confidence and motivation.necessary to retain the information we teach them.

Waldorf – development of mind, body and soul

The Waldorf method of teaching helps us divide our curriculum into:

  • Academics
  • Curricular
  • Co-curricular

This division helps us keeps your child excited about the prospect of learning by offering them a mix of academics and extracurriculars during their time at school.

Play-way – Experiential and fun learning

As the name suggest - this method of teaching involves using games to teach kids new concepts Let's say we were teaching your kids about herbivores and carnivores. We would first arrange a series of animal toys that each represent herbivorous and carnivorous animals. Each would be a different colour - we then ask your kids to place the herbivorous and carnivorous animals in different places - by telling them to separate these toys based solely on colour. This helps them label the animals in their minds as herbivores and carnivores.