Pre Primary

Pre - Primary Class Room

At Orchids The International School, we believe Pre-Primary education is all about stimulating the learner’s senses. Our infrastructure and our unique teaching methodology allows us to help children to develop their senses with interactive puzzles, group exercises and object manipulation supplemented with standard checks and basic tests to ensure progress.

Salient Features of our Pre-Primary curriculum (Pre Nursery, Nursery ,K1 and K2 program) :

  1. Creating a sense of inquisitiveness in your child by encouraging them to explore, ask questions and draw logical conclusions.

  3. Introduction of very basic mathematical exercises in a simple and tangible manner with gradual progression. The focus is on problem solving.
  4. Comprehension is an integral part of our pre-primary education and serves best to develop language skills. This also develops a habit to read and speak within your child.
  5. A variety of indoor and outdoor games helps foster development of motor skills, stamina, balance, rhythm, strength, agility and concentration.
  6. Our teacher to student ratio is a very respectable 2:30.
  7. Field trips to post offices, fire stations, aquariums etc. add to your child’s real world learning experience.
  8. The curriculum at the Preschool level is an amalgamation of five pre-school philosophies to provide an integrated learning experience for children in their formative years. The curriculum is derived from the following philosophies:
  • Maria Montessori – focus on exploration and learning using five senses
  • Reggio Emilia – Parental involvement and documentation
  • Waldorf – holistic development – development of mind, body and soul
  • Bank-street – Experiential interactive learning
  • Play-way – Experiential and fun learning


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