All the Best

all the best

She woke up that morning with butterflies in her stomach. It was the day that she had long awaited. It was the Result day! This result was way different from the ones she had faced earlier. It was one of the toughest exams she had ever appeared for. She was used to standing first in class, but this time round she was worried. She was unsure of herself. Would she pass? If she did, what would be her marks? How much would she get? If she didn’t, what would life present to her? Did she have the courage to write it all over again?

She reached her college and began frantically hunting for her name in the list put up on the board. To her shock, her name was not there on any list ! She was horrified. Did she fail? She ran her eyes over and over again! Her name was not there. She ran from board to board, sweating profusely. Images of her father weeping before the money lender and her mother sobbing away quietly flashed in front of her.

Then she stopped at the board near the principal’s office. There in BIG BOLD letters was her name: VIDYA MURTHY: COLLEGE TOPPER .law

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Tears of happiness, tears of years of toil, tears of pride and tears of relief. It was a culmination of almost two decades of hard work.

Vidyahad always been a hard worker. She knew that her father RamaMurthy and mother Girija could not afford to spend too much on her education. It was her sheer grit to move ahead in life that made her work really hard. From the nearby school in her village, she had reached this engineering college only because of the scholarships that she got. And it all came only through hard work.

She realized that good planning; strategizing and hard work would always lead to success. Today she is an entrepreneur andruns her own garment business. She still swears by hard work.


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