The Five Minute Lunch Box

The five minutes Lunch Box

A lot of parents face the early morning rush of getting children ready for school, packing bags, water bottles and getting them dressed and many more. In the morning hustle bustle it becomes difficult to think what to pack in your child’s lunch box early morning. You can make packing and preparation of the lunch box a little more fun by planning ahead. Ask your children beforehand what they would like to eat the next day so that you can make some preparations while you are not presses for time.

It always a healthy option to add fruits to your kids lunch box. Try adding a little variety to the fruits by teaming them up with curds or cream at times. Don’t prefer vegetables always but try presenting it in a different way by cutting it in a different and attractive way. A variation in the filling of a sandwich or chapatti rolls can allow your child to explore their taste buds. It is the perfect time to make it a fun filled experience for yourself and an enjoyable, healthy eating experience for your child too.

First Month of School

The first month of getting your child used to the routine of attending school can be quite a stressful one. We would like to make it relaxed for you by listing down a few tips:

1. Clear your own schedule. Be free and help your child acclimate to the school routine and overcome the confusion or anxiety that many children experience at the start of a new school year.

2. Set alarm clocks. Make your children to set their alarm clocks to get up in the morning. Praise them for prompt response to morning schedules and bus pickups.

3. Make sure your child has plenty of time to get up, eat breakfast and get to school. Pin to their shirt or backpack an index card with the needed information like teacher name, bus number and contact number.

4. Review your child’s schoolbooks. Talk about what your child will be learning during the year. Share your enthusiasm for the subjects and your confidence in your child’s ability.

5. Let your children know you care for them. Children absorb their parent’s anxiety, so model optimism and confidence for your child.

6. Do not overreact at the beginning. They might take some time to get adjusted to the environment.

7. Remain calm and positive. Give them confidence that no problem is going to occur in the new school and you and the school are always there for them to solve any problems.

Holi Celebration at orchids, Bangalore

Holi Celebration at Orchids, Bangalore

The festival of Holi can be regarded as a celebration of the colours of Unity and Brotherhood. It is an opportunity to forget all differences and indulge in unadulterated fun. On March 17, Orchids International School, Jalahalli, had its students and staffs plays Holi by showering petals of colourful flowers over each other. No artificial colours were used and all students and teachers were clad in white clothes.

Entire school was also decorated with colourful chart papers and Bollywood songs on Holi Theme were played. Students were asked to assemble class wise on the ground for playing with flowers and at the end they danced and also shared sweets with their mates. The whole celebration was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staffs.

Summer Carnival for Orchids, Bangalore

Summer Carnival at Orchids, Bangalore

State fairs could rival with this school summer carnival held at Orchids International, Nagarbhavi in terms of decibels generated. The camp was fun, filled with Science workshop, magic show, drawing competition, art and craft activities thriving all under single roof. To impress and also to make children happy, favourite stuffed toys for kids are kept alongside.

In addition to everything lip-smacking savories were provided. The whole day was fun filled and made children to understand the very basic things in Science especially dealing with the generation of decibels. This event on March 2 had every head chatting about tricks and points scored for a change. A camp like this makes children to actively participate and as well make them to learn the essential things.

Bringing Joy of Flowers into Classrooms

Bringing Joy of Flowers into classrooms

Flowers begin to fascinate since a young age. At Orchids International, Bangalore the nursery class for a day expressed their love for flowers in the classroom. The children came dressed as flowers and created colorful posies from art paper. Real flowers were brought to class and the names of the flowers were taught to children.

Children were also shown a variety of flowers to know of their diversity. All the kids engaged themselves and forged many paper flowers and enjoyed making it. The day was dedicated to flowers and everything was for and about flowers. Every child returned home happily with a flower.

Speak Hindi fluently, inject drama

Speak Hindi fluently, inject drama

Hindi speaking skill can be heightened in children by making them to speak and act in a fun way. On 26th Feb, Ms. Sangeetha, Hindi teacher for Grade IV, facilitated theatrical adaptation of the story from Hindi textbook – Raja Ki Maina. All the students of the class earnestly participated and played the role given to them in a well manner.

The teacher helped them to perform their character in a very effective way. The whole act was thoroughly enjoyed; at the same time children utilized this opportunity to speak Hindi fluently. Thus, this was lapped up by eager students who polished their acting along with Hindi speaking skill.

Vegetable Market in Class II Orchids, Bangalore

Vegetable Market in Class II B

Teaching the value of money to kids is importance in early ages. But all the facts of money cannot be taught on a single day for a child. Understanding this teacher Ramashanthi of Orchids the International school, Bangalore introduced her class II B mathematics students to the concept of money by using fake currency and vegetables. She made them to goad like vendors and customers.

Children actively participated and learnt the basic maths. It made them to learn the application of basic maths in real-life situations but also other life skills were developed by negotiating and bargaining. Through a fun way, she made her students to understand the value of money, as well as taught the basics of maths in an easy way.

Start Painting Young at Orchids, Bangalore

Start Painting Young at Orchids, Bangalore

Children love drawing and they appear to get considerable pleasure from watching the colours and the shapes. It has been proved that early exposure to visual art, music or drama will promote the
activity in the brain. Teachers at Orchids International, Bangalore understood this and made the nursery children to paint and draw.

Why always wait to first test the waters in drawing then colouring then painting? Teachers get nursery children to paint with ease using ice cream sticks and fingers. Children loved painting and engaged themselves to produce the best art. Well finished pieces of art were ready for display.

National Science Day at Orchids, Bangalore

National Science day at Orchids, Bangalore

Science surrounds us. It is everywhere in our daily lives – all day and every day. Science is the way of knowing and thinking about the nature and physical components of the world in which we live. This 28 Feb, being National Science Day, the students of grade V dressed as prominent scientists: C V Raman, J C Bose, Homi Jahangir Bhaba, to name a few.

In the morning assembly they spoke about significant contribution made by these scientists to the world of science. This made other children to know about the unknown facts of the scientists and the contribution they made to the world. The Science day paid homage to the contribution of Science in general life and got children to again ‘wonder’ which is the beginning of all learning.

Mera Bharat Mahaan Revisited at Orchids, Bangalore

Mera Bharat Mahan

On Feb 26, Orchids the international school, Jalahalli, had its K2 students organize ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ event in tandem with their theme for the month – India and its states. Children dressed in traditional costumes from different states across the nation and gave a dance performance on ‘Mile sur mera tumhara’ and later displayed placards of ‘Name of the state’, ‘its capital city’, ‘its language’ and ‘the famous food of the state’.

The whole was recited by Mrs. Dipa, Pre-primary coordinator and Mrs. Pallavi, Dean Mrs. Pushpa Prasad, Principal Mrs. Anuradha Prabhakar and Pre Primary Head- Mrs. Gulshan graced this occasion with their eminent presence. The event was wholly pleasant and the fun initiative made children experience patriotism, Unity in Diversity and realize social responsibility towards the nation.