Opening For Teacher's



“Safety is an effective insurance policy”. – Anonymous
In order to make the students understand the causes for fire accidents and importance of safety within the school premises, they were made to undergo a drill.
The drill began with the Incident Commander, the Principal, giving the command for the evacuation to begin. The respective Lobby Marshals then guided their respective sections to safety. The path to be taken for the evacuation was briefed to all the Lobby Marshals.
The result of this planning was that the 920 students across the 3 blocks in school evacuated the premises in 4 minutes and 49 seconds.
After the evacuation, the Primary students were briefed by the Head of Orchids Security, Captain Ramesh. During the process the students were made aware of the different types of fire accidents that could occur and also the kinds of extinguishers that could be used. There was also a mock fire which was created and extinguished in order for them to have a live example of an accident that could become a disaster.
On the whole, the students could get a better knowledge of the safety measures, than what they could have learnt through pictures and videos. Thus, equipping them to face any emergency situation!