National Science Olympiad Winners

National Science Olympiad: The Olympiad exam prepares the students to gain additional knowledge and enhances the confidence to write papers. It gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills by tackling a number of problems at a level they are not likely to encounter in their classrooms.

We are happy to announce the Winners of the National Science Olympiad Exam. We wish all the participants and congratulate the winners.

Grade I: Skanda Bharadwaj-Gold Medal, Rohan Chowdary-Silver Medal, Jaedon Jeneve-Bronze Medal

Grade II: Tvisha Arava-Gold Medal, Aryan Kasture-Silver Medal, Darshil Srivatsav-Bronze Medal

Grade III: Venkat Ram Sudaksh-Gold Medal, Isha Kabra-Silver Medal, Srinidhi G-Bronze Medal

Grade IV: Srinika Warrier-Gold Medal, Arihnat Kaul-Silver Medal, Shobith V Pathange-Bronze Medal

Grade VII: Ruhaib-Gold Medal