Opening For Teacher's

Guest Lecture



On 4/12/2015, Orchids The International School – Jalahalli, a well reputed & famous school near Yeshwanthpur, organized a Guest Lecture for grades 4,5,7, and 8 by Dr Bhanu Rajeev, who currently practices at the Ramaiah Medical College and deals with children with learning difficulties. Dr Bhanu Rajeev, the guest speaker spoke about how to care for our heart, kidneys and about neurological disorders. She stressed the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle and of exercising regularly. She emphasized the importance of having a healthy, balanced diet which can help reduce risk of heart disease.She also mentioned how an active lifestyle can help reduce risk of heart disease and that physical exercise is good for positive mental health too. It was a very interactive session, children were very enthusiastic to know about how to care for their vital organs and their questions were answered by the guest lecturer. The session ended with a quick recap of the preventive measures to be taken in order to have a healthy life.