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Janamsthmi – Special Assembly


The festive mood of Krishna Janmashtami was ushered among much festive spirit, at Orchids The International School Jalahalli on 24th August ,2016.. On the eve of the occasion, a special assembly was organized, in which guest speakers spoke about the other festivals celebrated in our country . The festivals spoken about were Janamsthmi, Baisakhi, Durga Puja and Onam.
The esteemed speakers were Ms. Malika Kapoor,Ms.Tina Mukherjee,Miss Jessy Vargheese and Ms. Manisha Dubey, parents of our students, who narrated the story behind each of the festivals , highlighting the fact that festivals are unifying forces in our multicultural country. The guests had the students enthralled with their story telling skills and even made them perform a bhangra. Students found the entire proceedings very meaningful and joyous. They understood that every festival is celebrated with great reverence and happiness by all Indians. Their Janamsthmi celebrations at home, the following day, would have an added dimension after listening to the rituals of the festival.