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Red day celebration -PN


It was usually thought that children are born colour blind and learn to distinguish colours over time. Recent researches have shown that it is not true, as babies as young as four months old have preferences of colours. That‘s why colours are even more important in a child‘s life, and in even younger age than thought before. Children distinguish colours right after they are born. They learn the names of the colours in ages 2 to 5, and the first names they learn are of the colours they like, which are bright and clear. Red is one such colour children get attracted with. So PN children of Orchids The International School Jalahalli enjoyed learning about red colour on Tuesday, 9th Aug 2016. They were able to recognize the colour when their teacher asked them to sort the red objects. Played happily with the objects like, Cap, balloon, ball…etc. Teacher conducted block printing activity and prepared crown and made them wear for as take away. Red balloons were their favorite with smiley face on it and carried happily along with them.