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Spell Bee Photographs


With immense pride and joy we announce the Spell Bee State Level Medal Winners of OISJ, for the academic session 2015-16, :  Aditya Sankar from group 1, Oojaswi Munnagi from  group 4 and Abhipsa Samal from group 5. 58 students participated at the State Level from OISJ, out of which 35 qualified for the National Level.
Out of 35 participants at the National Level, 27 have made it to the International level, which they attempted on June 26th 2016. We are awaiting excellent results, at the International level too, from our spelling wizards. The proud National level participants are:
Aditya Sankar R ,  Ayshani V, Divyanshu Kamal,  Nakul R,  Rachit Srivastava, Rishon Dominic Serrao,  Santhosh Ramkumar , Ujwal A M , Vishwesha B Gujari and  Yuktha P S  from grade I.
Aanjaney, Aashtha D Sonale, Nihal Kaushik M ,Rakshit Singh, Saif Shariff M, Shaarav Mallya,Shikha Susanth and Soumil Jain from grade II .
Abhik Kumar Mohanta , Ambika M, Laksha S, Manas Tewari Prathayini B K and Yadynesh D Sonale from grade V.
Agnus Thomas from grade VI,
Abhipsa Samal Shawna  Rose George from grade VII.