Opening For Teacher's

Visit of a Nutritionist “Eat, play and be healthy “


To create awareness amongst K1 and K2 children about the healthy eating for healthy living, ORCHIDS THE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL JALAHALLI invited the Nutritionist on Tuesday, 2nd Aug 2016.
The nutritionist Mr. Harish Kumar is a pediatrician who spoke about healthy food and junk food. He took them through various food categories and food groups emphasizing each time on how healthy food habits will take an important role  in child’s growth, he even showed the pictures of food items which are specifically related to the growth of a particular part of the body. He explained them the importance of right food at the regular intervals will nourish the overall growth of the human body. In between he encouraged children to express their view on healthy food, children responded very well. At the end he distributed the pamphlets of healthy food pyramid to all the children so that parents can make use of the same.