Opening For Teacher's

Nursery -‘Animals at school’


The theme of the month for students of Nursery of Orchids The International School Mysore Road, a popular school in Kengeri, was on the topic ‘Birds’. In order to create awareness about pets and to sensitize children about pets, the school organized an event where teachers who had pets at home brought them to school on 14th January. A friendly dog,  cute little love birds and fish were some of the pets that visited the school. The little ones were excited to see them and they fearlessly touched the animals, petted them and also correctly identified them. Later, students with the help of teachers had a stick puppet making activity in which they did colouring on face cut-outs of animals like dog, cat and duck and stuck them on to cylindrical shape made of chart paper to make finger puppets. Children loved the activity and were excited to make their own cute puppets!