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Splish Splash Mud Day Celebration


World International Mud day is a day for children all over the world to celebrate nature, the glorious earth beneath our feet, and the joy of making a mess by getting really muddy.
It was a treat for our K1 and K2 children to beat their feet in all kinds of mud and celebrate MUD DAY on 29th and 30th of June 2016. The children got an opportunity to explore muddy art. There was a table with bowls of mud to scoop mud from containers, create models using molds, mud pies, paint their imaginations specially for the ones who didn’t want to get muddy. For the adventurous, we had a plastic play pool full of mud to wallow in! The children started off cautiously, mostly walking in the mud, splashing their legs a little. This is an experience children will never forget and pass along to their own children.Happy International Mud day!