Opening For Teacher's



Orchids the International School-Nagarbhavi, an elite school in Nagarbavi, organized ‘Kidz O Mania’ –a fete – for the students and by the students! Students came dressed in colourful attire and had an exciting time participating in various activities such as – one minute games, ringing the bottles, blowing the balls etc. There was also an Art corner where the art work of the students were exhibited. The display included folders, greeting cards, photo frames, quilling and ethnic jewellery using beads, seeds etc., showcasing the wonderful work done by the students. Parents showed active participation and purchased from these stalls to encourage the students. Students also played an active role in the food stalls coming up with novel names for the delicious treats-Watsapp bhel, salads and bikis! The dishes were well relished by the eager parents participating in the fete. It was a wonderful day for all the invitees as they enjoyed the activities, snacks and exhibition.