Opening For Teacher's

Teachers Library Program


Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.
For those who make reading a part of the art of living, calmness of the mind is an automatic outcome. Reading a good book means to simply have the sheer pleasure of reading; to gain knowledge and to gain awareness. And it is possible some books give you all the three — pleasure, knowledge and awareness.
The Teachers Library Program in Pre Primary started off with a bang and all showed keen interest to expand their knowledge, vocabulary and communication skills. The program comprising of a Reading period and a Dictation class once a week for half an hour has been received with active participation from all. They enjoy reading books by eminent Indian and foreign authors like Sudha Murthy, R.K. Narayan, Gerald Durrel, Ruskin Bond etc. Newspapers are also being read to keep abreast of the latest of what is happening around the country and the world. New words are noted down and the meanings and context researched and used confidently where required. They are definitely making remarkable progress which has given them a spurt of confidence in all that they do!