Opening For Teacher's

Transport Day – Nursery and Pre Nursery



In order to enhance knowledge and understanding of children of the theme ‘Transport’, Orchids The International School -Sarjapur, one of the leading schools near Bellandur, organized Transport Day’ on 9th October 2015 for Nursery and Pre nursery children. The event also aimed to bring safety awareness in students and to encourage them to become responsible citizens of the country.Models of different types of transport was set up.Children and parents enjoyed watching the set up. Children also took photos posing along with the various models in the set up. There was also a drama through which basic rules to follow in each mode of transport was stressed upon. The places from where these modes of transport was also explained. An activity was conducted in which children made clouds with cotton and used ice cream sticks to represent air planes. It was an enjoyable day for the children.