Opening For Teacher's

K1 Visit of Sports person


The theme for K1 children of Orchids The International School-Sarjapur, one of the best International schools in Sarjapur, was on the topic ‘Sports’ and  ‘Visit of a Sports person’ was organized on 12th January 2016 in order to stress to students about the importance of sports for a healthy lifestyle. The Sports teacher Ms Mala and Edu Sports teacher Mr Arun spoke to the children about different sports and how sports is important in our day to day life. It was a practical session where the sports teachers involved the children in various games. They made children jog around the ground and did few warm up exercises too. It was an interactive session where children were able to ask doubts about rules to be followed in various games, equipment used etc. Children understood the various preparations that needs to be done to become an athlete. They were all awarded medals to keep them motivated.