Children come highly evolved than adults


Children come highly evolved than adults

When I was sharing the story of Mother Teresa with my 5th Grade class and discussed the quality of sainthood, I had no clue that my classroom will be graced by the visit of living saints.

Rahul too received the assignment sheet like his other classmates, where he had to identify the virtues of great personalities living or dead. He went back to a vacant home like everyday, as both his parents were at work and often came late. He would spend the day with himself and stood by the window of his room for long each evening to watch the traffic below.



That evening he noticed an old lame man walking with a crutch himself and helping a group of blind boys and girls descending from a bus to a building nearby. Rahul shortly got back to his chores and the following day as he stood at his window he saw the same man helping the children down the bus back to the building.The next morning while Rahul waited for his school bus, he saw a speeding car hit a street dog and left it wimping in pain.From across the road and a dilapidated building came the lame man scampering. The lame old man lifted the dog and supported his injured feet with both is hand and lurched on the crutch himself .He staggered back to the building where he came from.Rahul was curious to explore the building across the road, so that afternoon after he alighted from the school bus, he went towards the building.

This looks to be somebody’s home,but an old building though.As he entered the courtyard he saw blind children studying the Braille script from the same old lame man whom Rahul had seen before and the injured dog resting on a mat with a bandage around his paw.The old man gave a welcoming smile to Rahul and let him come in.

Soon Rahul learnt about how the old man had been serving in the Indian Army for long and had lost one of his legsin a landmine. With his pension he not only looked after his very little needs but also turned his house as a shelter for blind orphans, whom he educated as well as tried to give them some skills for making a living.Rather than spending the entire afternoon and evening all by him. Rahul now spend it at the orphanage.

In school Rahul was reminded of his assignment on the virtues of great personalities. He couldn’t have a better personality than his neighbour who had served his country by all means. Rahul requested the old man to visit his school and his classroom so that his teacher and classmates could


view the of great men.

I was overwhelmed by my student’s susceptibility and sensibility towards the greatness in human nature when I welcomed Retired Captain Harish Chaturvedi-a war veteran, a philanthropist and a social worker to my classroom escort by Rahul as his real, virtuous living hero.

Captain Chaturvedi mentioned that he had been of service to the society since last 15years but none in the neighbourhood recognised his effort. But Rahul , a new tenant in an adjoining flat could recognise his contributions in no time.

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