Christmas Celebration at Orchids Mumbai

The birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas across the globe. At Orchids The International School in Mumbai, the children and teachers celebrated Christmas with a festive spirit.The children were gathered in the room filled with beautiful decorations including colourful balloons and a Christmas tree to celebrate the Christmas. The story of Christmas was shown as a short-film to the children of Orchids The International School. There was Christmas spirit and a rush of adrenaline as the Santa Claus entered the room to delight the children of Orchids. The Santa Claus also distributed the sweets to the anxious children. There were other activities for the children and they were taught to make Santa Claus hats with the help of a paper and a bunch of cotton. It was indeed a joyous occasion for the children at Orchids The International School in Mumbai. Merry Christmas to all!

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