How to Discipline Your Kids at Home?

Orc-May20-Blog1-300x167Discipline is a bittersweet word. If you are a mom, it is like adding bitter gourd to your every dish that you cook because it has high nutritional value. Bitter gourd can be sweet too! The secret is how you prepare and showcase it to your children. Remember, by forcing something to your children, change that you anticipate in them may not happen overnight. Do your kids scream to protest bedtime or do not study when it is study time? Their every “No” does not actually mean that they are dishonouring your words. But they are trying to learn who they are. The key ingredient to discipline your kids is being patient with them. Set realistic goals and know your child’s developmental stage. Listen to your child and validate the feelings effectively.

For instance, when your kid protest to wash his/her hands before meals, let your kid know that if he or she does not do it, germs will attack the body. Some actions lead to consequences. Parents should inculcate rules by asking what happens if the children don’t do this or that. As a result, children get to know the difference between right and wrong. Whenever you hear your kids say big “No”, don’t get frustrated. Just listen to them patiently and explain things to make them understand in a good way. Instead of punishing your child for breaking that glass window while playing cricket, teach him how to be responsible. Here is a little secret! Tell him to save up to buy a new window that he broke. Sometimes you got to let your children experience few things. Start connecting with your child and let your kids learn the rules at home first!