Exercise – A tribute to your body

Exercise – A tribute to your body

It is rightly said – ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body.’ Research shows that exercise is good for the body and mind and this especially true in the case of children. Engaging children in physical activity is very important. It helps in brain stimulation, while helping in building self-esteem and confidence and social skills.

As a child, Sports has always been an integral part of my life. I was lucky to have the support and guidance of my teachers and parents in pursuing my Academic and Sports goals. It all started with my participation in Sports Day events conducted at school during my Primary grades. I used to enrol myself in a variety of sports- Basketball, Tennis, running etc. Enrolling and participation is important, my mother always used to say. And participate I did –with full enthusiasm and vigour! I am glad I did that, the habit has caught on. Even now, any marathon in nearby areas definitely has my participation in it.

My journey in the field of Sports has been quite exciting and various Sports personalities have inspired me in this journey. My most favourite player is Sachin Tendulkar and his quote continues to inspire me – “Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.” The passion and zeal of this brilliant player has never stopped to impress and inspire me. His journey which started at a very tender age of 16 still amazes his fans. Similarly sports personalities such as Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, Serena Williams have all immensely contributed to the field of Sports. My sister and I being avid fans of all types of Sports, we would watch every single Sports event held at our city. The sheer joy of watching a Sports event is something that gives me goose bumps even now. The best part about Sports is that even the audience get totally involved in it! How many times have we been glued to the TV or watched a live match, hooting and rooting for our favourite teams!

Sports has always proved its effectiveness in team building. Whenever I coach students, I always let them work in teams. When students work in a team, aiming for a win, it is amazing to see the spirit of sportsmanship, involvement and efforts of each – working and supporting each other! Sports truly brings out the best in each of us and encourages the spirit of team work ,as I am sure most of you would have experienced.sport_01

Lifestyles have changed and given the scenario of sedentary lifestyles, exercise is very important for adults too. The awareness of this is something I have noticed. Every morning it is amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm displayed by the ones who come out to exercise. There are many kinds- couples walking together, teenagers listening to music while running, senior men citizens talking and enjoying while doing simple exercises, groups of women who discuss their routines while busily doing their exercise routines- how they manage to do both
together is a wonder!


The rise in recent years of the number of health clubs, yoga, gymnasium etc. Itself shows the growing awareness of fitness among adults. A variety of options are available – dancing, aerobics, etc. are some of the popular exercising options.  The benefits of exercising include –relieving stress, keeping fit, strengthens muscles, controls weight, boosts energy and enthusiasm and stimulates the mind adding to positive energy. So dear readers, put on your exercise shoes and join in the bandwagon- to build a healthy nation!