International Picnic Day Celebration

ORc-Jun18-Blog-2-300x225Today is celebrated as “International Picnic Day!” When it comes to picnic, most of you think of parks, encompassing lush green trees and beautiful lawn to unwind with your family. Did you get time to spend time with your family last weekend? As you read the post, this international picnic day is a perfect reminder to spend some quality time with your family.

Family picnic is a great way to build that bond with your family. So, how to organize a family picnic? Well, plan a weekend to have your picnic. Select a location that is perfect enough for your family to have a great time. A picnic basket can be really exciting to fill your favourite food items you want, from delicious cakes, fresh fruits and crunchy biscuits to sandwiches, chips and soft drinks. But, don’t forget to take water. You can plan games and activities for more fun. Gear up for your next family outing!

Happy International Picnic Day!