Exploring a New World Outside the School

IMG-fieldtrip41Exposing children new things make them realize there is always a beautiful world waiting out there to be seen through the physical eyes. Kids of Nursery and K1 from Orchids The International School in Mumbai were taken to Rani Baug (Jijamata Udhayan). The students were very much excited as they set out for the trip from the school by the bus. They enjoyed singing like “The wheels of the bus go round…”

On seeing an array of birds like Emu, Muniyas, Peacocks and Peahens, white peacocks, love birds, flamingo, pelicans and parrots, children’s eyes were lit up in awe and wonder. They were happily spotting creatures from Python, which was sheltered under a hollow tree to a herd of deer running and playing. On their way back, it was an exhilarating moment for the kids when they saw black bucks, hippopotamus swimming in the pond, monkeys climbing the tree and magnificent elephants walking under the shady trees.

At Orchids The International School in Mumbai, we encourage the students to learn and search for and to remember unusual aspects of their experience through the field trips that we conduct regularly.