Fruit Day at Orchids, Mumbai

Why fruits? Because there are more reasons to eat fruit!

• Apples help your body develop resistance against infections.

• Oranges help maintain great skin

• Blueberries protect your heart

• Bananas are good to boost your energy

And the list goes on…

On December 12, 2013, Orchids The International School in Mumbai celebrated Fruit Day as a culminating activity. The students were dressed up to showcase different kinds of fruits. The main objective to conduct this activity was to impart these thoughts – Reflect, Discover and Enrich Yourself. The costumes worn by the kids were attractive and some of them wore cut-outs of fruits. The children were encouraged to participate in an activity where each one was called one by one and asked to choose any four fruits they like. And they were made to stick the fruits they had selected on a paper plates and it was given to them as a take away.

Parents generally worry that their child is not eating enough fruits. Fruit Day at Orchids School was indeed an eye-opener for the children to understand the importance of consuming fruits everyday.

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