Hop, Skip, Jump and invite a livelier life!!!


“I’ve the best fight challenger, let’s play guys!”

“You bet Anu, Avi’s racing car’s any day exciting.”

“Tappy …..You always say so, when my kill bill game was new you praised it to the sky.”

“No, guys I’m serious I’ve a new series, here take the console and enjoy.”

Anushka and her friends Avi, Tapan and Laila spend their holidays and spare time to catch up with each other on the couch with their gaming console. Much are we to be blamed for the addiction that we’ve allowed to thrive for years now.

Looking down from my balcony I see a few toddlers cycling in the patch of green in the colony. Wondering how different evenings were few years back; us smashing window panes of neighbour’s with our gully cricket ,rainy days were marked with bouts of football match .Winters were the time for badminton .We loved the gilli-danda, kite flying, hopscotch, chor-police and hide and seek. On a lazy day we climbed the mango, guava or jamun trees to treat ourselves. We as kids were so adventurous-we could withstand the rain, heat and cold .In those days it was abnormal for a child to spend his holidays or evening within doors.

“Mama, can we have the cheese balls for my friends.”

Startled to reality I nodded a yes and began contemplating again, “What are we turning our children into with gadgets and the air conditioned environment. How will their bodies respond without being given the freedom to bask in the sun, rain, chill or the air outside?”

Turning towards my son’s couch full of friends I realized the harm already done on these young minds and bodies. I quickly rushed to my son’s room and announced ‘Hey, how about some real adventure for ourselves rather than see those animated men and women have all the share of fun.’ The kids were unsure of what was coming their way. So they gave me a perplexed look. ‘Come on let’s go’, I said and dashed out of the door. The four of them followed me and we walked towards the hillock behind our society. I indicated to them, ‘Let’s race uphill! I want to see who can beat me! With a shout the four of them sprang up to race with me uphill.’

“Mama, I also want to race downhill to see what’s on the other side.”

“Alright! We’ll do that.”

I made a beginning that day and started taking the kids outdoor to teach them the games of our times. Soon I had a big fan club and a growing team of players. A sneeze, a cut, a scraped elbow and knee became a part of fun in the life of my team of players.

I made a change for the budding mind and bodies around me, how about you?

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