1st PTM for Pre – primary and grades 1 & 2

Parent – teacher meet is the perfect opportunity to sit down face to face and discuss everything from curriculum to issues that arise in the classroom. The best results follow only when parents and teachers work together. Kids do better in school when parents are involved in their academic lives and work alongside the teachers.
Attending parent–teacher meeting is a way to be involved and help a child succeed. Keeping these points in mind Orchids -The International School Hyderabad organized its 1st Parent Teacher Meet on 3rd September, 2016. The meet was conducted for pre-primary grades. Parents enthusiastically turned up to know about their child’s progress. Integrated Project display was held in the campus for grades 5 to 8. The parents who attended the PTM also visited the Integrated Project display. Parents have given positive feedback that all the students have worked so hard for the projects. Parents appreciated the students and teachers for their efforts.