Art And Craft activity in K2

Grade K2 A & B on 7th September 2016 had Art & craft activity in class as a part of an activity center. The objective of this activity was to help the students differentiate between healthy and junk food.

The teachers divided the students into two groups named them as healthy food group and junk food group.

Children were able to identify the food group and confidently spoke that one should avoid eating junk food and should take only healthy food, which will make them fit and healthy. Darshika, Sridhatri, Rishith explained about the good food habits and suggested not to eat junk food. After pasting crape paper on carrot and chips children were very excited to see their activity sheets which were very colorful and attractive. The groups shared their feelings that they were healthy food group and the other side group said that they belonged to junk food group which needs to be avoided.  Overall it was a great experience for them and they enjoyed throughout the activity.