Blue Colour Day

An Introduction of the colour  BLUE  was done in Numeracy for Nursery on 28th September 2016. The class was decorated with blue balloons and streamers. Toys of blue colour and various blue objects were placed in a blue tub. Children dressed up neatly in blue colour were excited, as blue is a vibrant and an attractive colour for them.  Blue colour represents water, nature, peace and gives a feeling of calmness.

The teacher gave the children A4 sheets with the outline of Doraemon to colour. The famous cartoon character brought lots of excitement among them. The teacher also took an outline picture of a big fish which children identified immediately. She then asked them to paste bits of blue crepe paper. The children were asked to identify blue objects in the class. This activity not only enhances their fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination but also helps in the identification of colour.