The ‘Culmination Day’ that was held towards the end of the academic year on 11/2/17 provided a platform to the students to showcase their creativity and communication skills in front of an audience. The classroom was decorated as per the theme of the novel and charts displaying their book reports were exhibited. Students acted the roles of the characters in the selected scenes of the novel. Some were narrators explaining the situations. Participation in the skits helped them improve their dramatic skills and understand the roles and situations. All the grades from I– VIII enjoyed working for ‘The Culmination Day’ which enhanced their comprehension and appreciation of the novel prescribed for them. Students of all the grades were given special certificates in recognition of their merit, participation, conduct and contribution on this eventful day.

Grade 3 students, who had the novel ‘The Enormous Crocodile’, enacted some scenes from the novel. Lekhya (interviewer) and Aryan (Roald Dahl) had a small interview. The children played and enacted all the tricks played by the enormous crocodile. A few students also narrated the story in their own words. Sravanthi played the role of ‘The Enromous crocodile’ and Suhaani, the Not so big one Avaneesh Chandra was Humpy the hippopotamus , Nathan was Muggle wump the Monkey, Dev Raj was Roly poly, the bird and Radha was Trunky, the elephant .