Grand Parents Day.

We at Orchid – The International school celebrated  ‘ Grand Parents Day ‘ on 1st October 2016. The parents these days have a busy schedule and most of the children are living away from their grandparents. The main objective of organizing this event was to gather them at one place and bring out the importance of grandparents in the child’s life.
According to our theme, Rio Olympics 2016, we organized games and entertainment program for the grandparents.  The game was about solving the puzzle of Rio Olympic torch. It was good to see the grandparents’ participation in the game along with their grandchild. The winners were awarded. Ram Shashank’s grandparent was placed first, the second position was bagged by Rayan and 3rd prize was awarded to Harshal’s grandparent. After the games, music was played for them to dance.  The grandparents were happy and excited to share their views on this event. They appreciated the school management’s initiative in organizing this program and thanked the school authority.

They felt that they had gone back to their school days while participating in the race.  While dancing one of the grandparents recollected the golden moments of his life.