Integrated Project 2016-2017

The students of classes V – VIII of OISH participated with a lot of enthusiasm in the Integrated Project presentation that was held on 3-9-2016 in the school premises. The classes with individual themes put in a lot of effort to create imaginative and visually appealing scrap books. The scrap books were clear evidence of the thinking and planning by the students who came up with innovative ideas for their presentation.
The students of classes V and VI also made models pertaining to their theme. While the scrap books were on display, all of the students of all these classes also exhibited their communication skills and confidence thorough a variety of activities – role-plays, skits and even debates that were performed on the podium.
The parents were invited to witness this collaborative effort. Most of the parents came to witness the activity. While the students were encouraged by the presence of the parents, the parents were very impressed by the presentation and confidence exhibited by them.

It was altogether a wonderful learning experience for the students.