La fête nationale française (FRENCH DAY)

French students of Orchids, Hyderabad celebrated the National Day of France on July 14,’16.The morning assembly was devoted to the celebrations of the National Day of France.
Aneesh Panda of class IX and Mirza Abul Hassan Ali Khan of class X compered the programme which began with their PowerPoint presentation. The presentation was quite informative with the details of the first storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. That was the beginning of the French revolution that brought about radical changes in the history of France. The presentation further informed the significance of the Tricolor flag which symbolized Liberty, Equality and Fraternity for all French citizens and how the French National Day is celebrated in France. A dance to the song, ‘J’aime parler français’ and a Fashion parade by the children of junior classes were delightful and entertaining. There was another PowerPoint presentation by Vivek and Raaga of class VIII and Darshini of class VII. They talked about world famous French cuisine also. An informative video was shown as a grand finale. It showed a few French celebrities, interesting places in France, various cars, sports, the parades of the military and armed Forces and the decorations of France on the 14th July. Principal Mrs. Sakina Qasim Zaidi complimented all the performers and the participants who made the eventful day and also had a word of praise for the efforts of the two French teachers of the school, Ms. Anugu Sneha and Ms G. Savithri Devi.
‘La Marseillaise’, the National Anthem of France followed by the Indian National Anthem closed the special assembly of the day.