Student Council Elections

The students of OISH have plenty of opportunities to learn to lead and quite often leadership qualities are manifested at a young age.

A few students of class X nominated themselves for the School Appointments – Head Boy, Head Girl and Sports Captain, and tried their best to impress the voters with their speeches in the morning assembly. After listening to them, two students were nominated for each Appointment by the Selection Panel of Principal and teachers. The nominated six spoke again talking about their hobbies, ambitions, aspirations and promises, the following day.
The contestants and the voters were equally excited. The day of Elections, 25.7.16 was a day of suspense and anticipation. Voters, ballot boxes, ballot papers and voters’ marks – all added to the democratic spirit. All the students of classes III – X cast their votes for the candidates of their choice. Votes were counted in the presence of the contestants and the results were announced in the morning assembly.