How Train Journey with Kids aren’t as Bad as You Think

Orc-May28-1-300x186Summer vacation is going to end in next few days. Many of you may be travelling by train to return to your home sweet home. Train journey is tiresome and at the same time it can be a treat for your kids. There is always something to see through the window from tall trees and green bushes to the beautiful mountains. Nature is the best teacher. Pay attention to your kids’ feelings and appreciate the nature.

Children feel restless if your train journey is going to be more than 10 hours because a constant movement will make your children drowsy. A boring and hungry child likes to have snacks at regular intervals. So, carry some fruits, nuts and biscuits to give them needed energy. It is not preferable to give sticky foods.

In addition to regular snacks, portable DVD players, tablets, iPods or mobile phones can turn your child’s attention to something relaxing and entertaining. Colouring books and crayons and card games help your kids to enjoy without getting bored. Spills can occur on train journey. So, it is wise to carry a spare outfit in the bag.

Make your train journey less stressful for your children and keep them comfortable and enjoyable!