Dentist Visit at Orchids

Orchids-BlogHow often does your kid need a dental check? It is vital to pay a visit to your dentist to keep your kid’s teeth strong and healthy. Orchids The International School in Bangalore made it simple for the pre-schoolers by conducting a session with a dentist, Dr. Basavraj who made a special visit on October 4 in the morning to work on the theme “Good Health Habits in Nursery and Our Community Helpers in K2”, which was given by the school. The dentist explained the oral hygienic with a demo kit of a set of teeth, helping the children on how to brush their teeth in the right way to keep both gums and teeth clean and healthy. They were given a chance to touch and feel a set of dentures and POP set of teeth. He gained our children’s complete attention when he showed a PPT on basic dental care tips. The K2 children asked many questions to Dr. Basavraj where he answered them all. The curiosity and knowledge of these little Orchidians made the dentist dumbstruck in the end.