Hand Washing for Children

Orc-Jul-5-Blog-3-300x200Sing the “Happy Birthday” song. Is it not your kids’ birthday today?

Oh! Well, here is a fun tip to teach your kids on “How to wash hands to protect their hands from little germs.” So, what is there any way to do with the “Happy Birthday Song.” How long should your kids their hands? The proper timing is 20 seconds. In order to count 20 seconds, sing “Happy Birthday” twice to accomplish the hand washing time frame of 20 seconds. So, teach your kids to wash their hands properly.

How to wash hands for kids?

  •  Use warm water for washing hands.
  •  Before eating, use hand washing liquid or soap to remove the dirt from the hands.
  •  Remember to wash the back side of hands, wrists, between fingers and under the fingernails to remove the dirt.
  •  Use a clean towel or napkin to remove the wet from the hands.