How to Prevent Weak Bones and Teeth in Kids?

Orc-Jun26-Blog-1-300x300How healthy is your kid’s teeth? Is he or she consuming enough calcium-rich foods in a day?

It is the calcium that makes our bones and teeth strong. When your kids get enough calcium during childhood, as they grow, it is certain they will have the strongest bones possible.

Calcium is also responsible for muscular contraction, carrying messages through the nerves and the release of hormones.

As most of you know, milk is the best source of calcium. You may have a complaint, “my kids are not drinking enough milk or they dislike milk.” Did you know that one glass of milk provides around 300mg calcium? Our bones and teeth have the ability to store 99% of calcium. To absorb more calcium, your kids need Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be easily obtained by eating fish and egg yolks.

Leafy green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are rich in calcium. One cup of cooked broccoli contains 45mg of calcium while one cup of cooked spinach has 100mg. However, as spinach has high concentration of oxalate, only five percent of 100mg of calcium is absorbed. Even your breakfast cereals, fruit juices and bread contain more calcium. Include 3 serves of dairy foods in your kid’s diet every day to stay healthy. You should know what foods are rich in calcium and how much is needed to get the required calcium per day. Ensure that your kids get enough calcium to stay healthy.