Session about Sense organs

Keeping with the theme of ‘Sense Organs’ for the month, the five senses were introduced to the children through demonstrations by the teachers and a variety of hands-on activities for the children to do.4 corners of the LKG cluster and 1 classrooms was converted into booths for one particular sense- hearing, smell, touch, taste and sight. This activity was conducted by K1 teachers and K1 and K2 children were a part of the journey. The children moved from booth to booth to experience different activities. The teachers had planned activities that captured the essence of each sense and excited the curiosity of the young ones!!

                                                                                    THE TOUCH BOOTH

12-150x150The kids went to the touch booth to feel and experience different textured objects by rubbing their hands over the surface of different objects.

There was a coarse coconut coir, a rough scrub, soft cotton balls, hard stones, soft toys, warm water and so much more.



                                                                                      THE TASTE BOOTH

21-150x150The taste booth is definitely the place where the kids looked forward to some yummy treats. Teachers had lined up items to taste like sugar, salty chips to tangy lemon juice and the not so favoured bitter gourd.

Every child came forward to try out the variety, some a bit reluctant as they watched their friends taste the lime juice and bitter gourd extract! Teachers explained how the different parts of the tongue help us to sense different astes.


                                                                                       THE HEARING BOOTH

31-150x150The children experienced listening to the sound of many different items, ranging from a conch to whistles and bells. Children enjoyed listening to various sounds like the sound of drums, flutes, mouth organ, cymbals and keyboards.

They danced to music and then without music and learned to enjoy the difference when they were able to hear with their ears.


                                                                                           THE SIGHT BOOTH

Sight-Booth-150x150The sight booth had various activities that kids performed, while the teacher explained how light travels in straight lines into the eye and how it is interpreted by the brain.

The binoculars gave kids an opportunity to see how things at a distance can appear closer and vice versa. Eyes were closed using a scarf and kids were given an opportunity to take a small walk and see if they can reach to the other side of the booth without seeing. Kids enjoyed this activity the most.

The sight booth also had a mirror to show how images get inverted from left to right. There were also fun activities like puzzles, colour tablets and bead sorting.


                                                                                             THE SMELL BOOTH

Smell-Booth1-150x150The smell booth had smelling bottles with good smells and bad smells. There were sweet smelling perfumes, rose water, fragrant roses and jasmine, aromas of different spices, lemon , garlic and fruits.

The kids had a good time smelling all these and were able to differentiate well between the smells.

The kids were filled with so many amazing facts and the sense booth day left them with a sense of wonderment about themselves and the wonderful world around them.