Opening For Teacher's

Field trip- Grade 1


Visit to a Fortis hospital, Vashi
Field trip is one of the ways to enrich the school programmed. Firsthand experience can provide children with information and a level of understanding that enrich their overall learning. As a part of an activity in EVS, OISKKH arranged a field trip for Grade I students on 9th August 2016. To increase awareness of the hospital experience they were taken to Fortis Hospital Vashi, where they interacted with the hospital staff which includes a nurse and a doctor. They were made acquainted with the duties and responsibilities of a doctor, nurse and other hospital staff.
With the help of a song they learnt the importance of hand wash. They not only enjoyed interacting with the hospital staff but they also got to know how important personal hygiene for them is in order to remain fit and healthy. Students also handed over a thank you letter to the Fortis staff for extending their guidance and co-operation. They then returned with a bundle of information.