Opening For Teacher's

Grade III : Field Trip – Plant Nursery



Field trips are integral part of Orchids curriculum. As an extension of learning to the Topic: ‘Soil’ in Science, Grade III students of Orchids The International School – Koparkhairane, one of the best schools near Mahape, were taken to a Plant Nursery on 01.09.2015.They were accompanied by Science Teacher Ms.Anupama and the PE teacher Ms.Arya. They were exposed to different type of soil and the plants which grow in them. They were very excited to see the flowering plants like rose, marigold, hibiscus, orchids, lotus, etc.There were few attractive indoor and bonsai plants also.They also saw few insects and animals like snail, ants, butterflies and grasshoppers.The gardener explained the importance soil and why the potted plants have to re potted every 6 months.It was am enjoyable experience for the students.