Opening For Teacher's

Grade K1: Extinct and endangered Animals



The theme for the month for K 1 children was ‘Animals’. In relation to this theme the students of Orchids The International School Koparkhairane, a well known school next to Mahape,  were asked to work on a ‘Project on Extinct and Endangered Animals. Parents were also involved and they helped their child in preparing for the project. The children were also prepared to talk about the topic in the classroom. They made charts/models and presented information of the same in front of the class. The students also led a rally for the protection of endangered animals around the school holding charts and placards with slogans such as ‘ Save animals’, ‘Do not kill the animals’, ‘Save the forest’ etc. All the students participated in the rally enthusiastically. This topic helped the children to know more about extinct animals and the measures which need to be taken to save them.