Opening For Teacher's

‘Kidzania’ visit



Students of Grades 1 to 5 of Orchids The International School -Koperkhairane, a popular International school near Airoli, visited ‘Kidzania’ on 3rd December 2015. ‘Kidzania’ is a place where students are provided with opportunities to role play and emulate real life professionals such as – Construction engineer, RJ, Surgeon, CSI agent etc. Students also got to play roles where they availed services and paid for the same, e.g.– Driving school, Department store, Culinary school etc. The visit was an eye-opener for the students where they got a chance to explore, challenge themselves and open their minds to new experiences. The activities provided a boost to their self-confidence. Students also understood the skills that one needs to be equipped with in order to pursue a particular profession. The visit was an enriching educational experience, while stimulating creative thinking of students.