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Season Booth Day Pics


On 1st Sept, 2015 K1 children celebrated ‘Seasons Booth Day’ depicting the three seasons of the year. The main objectives to organize the day were to reinforce the concept of seasons, to enhance sensorial exploration skills in children and to enhance their vocabulary. The students along with their parents looked forward to exploring the magnificent display of all the three seasons. The first was the monsoon booth which displayed rain gear, umbrella, gumboot, sprinkler, paper boats, and pictures of animals, fruits and rainbow. The teacher conducted a rainbow sticking activity which the kids enjoyed. The next season booth was summer .The children learnt about the summer season in the summer booth by looking at a model of the beach and park. Also, there were other objects like fruits, juice, ice creams, summer clothing and accessories. They also did an activity of making a starry eye wear. The winter season booth was decorated in Christmas theme. There were cut outs of a snowman, Christmas tree, woolen clothes, snowfall and a fire place to give warmth and comfort. The students rejoiced in the chilly atmosphere and gleefully did a snow man making activity. In addition to this there was a separate booth to click pictures of the kids with their favorite season frame. It was a delight to watch the kids posing with their favorite season frame!