Opening For Teacher's

Transport Day



Transport day was organized at Terna Orchids The International School-Koparkhairane, one of the finest schools near Mahape, on October 3, 2015. Four modes of transport – roads, railways, water transport and airways – were introduced to children by setting up models of different types of vehicles. Models under the road transport category included bus, truck, car, auto rickshaw, motor cycle, bicycle. Models in railway category included railway train and monorail. Models of ship, boat, yacht, submarine were also prepared to show the different vehicles that use water ways while airborne vehicle models included aeroplane, rocket, and hot air balloon. In order to make children aware of travelling norms and other requirements, models of ticket booking counters, baggage and security counters, signal systems and fuel station were set up. Songs and rhymes relevant to the theme were played. Parents were invited to participate in the activity. It was an enjoyable experience for them to watch the display and see their children enjoying the photo session in the set up.