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Bubble Wrap Painting – Nursery


“The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” Nursery grade of OISK had Bubble wrap activity on 20th July 2016, Wednesday. The teacher had done the activity in the classroom on the round table .Teacher kept all the materials ready like red paint, brush, and the bubble wrapped block and white chart paper with the picture of an apple drawn on it . The teacher showed the children the bubble wrap and said it is used for packing .The teacher covered the block with the bubble wrap and demonstrated the children that they had to dip the bubble wrapped block in the Red colour bowl and dab the block on the apple drawn on the white chart paper. Teacher called the child one by one and asked them to do the activity. All the children enjoyed the activity. The activity developed student’s fine and gross motor skills. The students also learned about the colour Red and identified when asked.