Opening For Teacher's

EID Celebrations


EID means happiness. EID teaches you to laugh and love. Eid al-Fitr is the Festival of Breaking Fast, prayers, joy and brotherhood. Eid was celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm on 5th July 2016, Tuesday at GEI’s Orchids The International School, Kurla. The celebration began with a special assembly conducted by Grade 4A. The students conducted the prayers and we had a special dance performance. The Importance of EID and why is it celebrated was presented to the children by our teachers. A video was shown to the children in their classes on Importance of EID, how it is celebrated and variety of dishes which get prepared. Each class enjoyed themselves as we had music played for the children for them to enjoy on the festival of EID. The day ended well with loads of joy and happiness in the hearts of the students. A simple message was given to all “To follow the path of peace, love, friendship and to respect people of different faith and religions.