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Family day: Nursery and k1.


“Family is the place where life starts and love never ends.”
Our little angels of Nursery and K1 had a ‘Family Day’ event on the 6th of August 2016 which was on a Saturday. The children were accompanied by their families. There was a photo booth at the entrance where the families could click some happy moments with their little ones. The event commenced by taking blessings from the Almighty, in the form of a prayer. Following the prayer was an introduction to ‘Family Day’ by the pre-primary coordinator. The parents shared their views on what they feel is the importance of a family. Next, followed a small family activity in which the child with their family member had to draw something related to their family. The first five parents were asked to explain what they had drawn in their sheet about their family. There was a small speech on significance of Family given by one of the teachers. Then came the much awaited foot tapping dance performance by the little angels. Nothing would be complete without a song, well, the tiny tots sang like little nightingales a tribute to their parents. Now it was time for the parents, there was a ‘passing the balloon’ game organized for each family. This game was thoroughly enjoyed by the parents and children equally. The icing on the cake was a family activity where the child and the parents did a palm printing activity around a tree on a sheet depicting the family togetherness. Thus, the event was fun filled and had the both the parents and children involved the whole time. The families and children enjoyed the event and dispersed with happy smiles and a special bonding with each other.