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Matki Making Competition


Janmashtami is incomplete without the presence of matkis. Just like the ‘gopis’ who used to carry colourful matkis in Brindavan, a Matki Decoration competition was held on 24th August, 2016 in Orchids The International School, Kurla. The event was organized as a part of Janmashtami celebration. The most exciting part was that the mothers participated with full devotion and energy.
Many mothers participated in this event. It turned out to be a grand success. The mothers put in all the efforts to collect elaborate decorating materials. They toiled hard at home putting their creativity at work and came up with innovative creations and decorated beautiful matkis at school.
The competition was tough, making it difficult to decide the winner.
The efforts of the mothers were praise worthy.

Grade: – K1B
Name of the Child: – Ali Sayed Shayaan
Name of the parent: – Shahana Ali
Winners: – I st

Grade: – II A
Name of the Child: – Dhairya Pawan Jasrotia
Name of the parent: – Neeru Singh
Winners: –  II nd

Grade: –  K1A
Name of the Child: – Atiya Fatima  Sayed
Name of the parent: – Sayed Hina Bano
Winners: –  III rd

Grade: – k1 C
Name of the Child: – Neelmegh Chetan Hadolika
Name of the parent: – Vishakha Chetan Hadolikar
Winners: – I st Consolation

Grade: – K2 A
Name of the Child:­ – Akshit Adesh Pisal
Name of the parent: – Supriya Adesh Pisal
Winners: – II nd Consolation