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Mud Day Celebration



Mud is a mixture of soil (sometimes called dirt) and water. Some animals like worms, frogs, snails, clams, and crayfish live in mud. Pigs and elephants use it to cool themselves in hot weather. Some people enjoy making mud pies out of mud. Mud is a type of soil that is also called “clay soil”. Others include the sandy soil, or sand, and garden soil. Wet mud has a soft wet texture. Young children sometimes play in puddles of mud. Mud is usually brown.

OISK celebrated mud day with full enthusiasm on Friday 1st July, 2016 for the children of K1 and K2. Children wore their casual clothes and bought their toys. Children were taken to the mud area which was prepared in the school premises. They played with mud and their toys. Children enjoyed racing with their toys on the mud. To emphasis more on the mud day concept, children did palm printing on the art sheet. To build up the zeal and enthusiasm music was organised and children loved it and were dancing on the music beat.   

Overall it was a great experience for children and teachers to explore themselves in mud.

“The most memorable day usually ends with the Dirtiest Clothes”