Opening For Teacher's

Nursery – Introduction to the colour ‘black’



On 15th February 2016, Nursery children of Orchids The International School – Kurla, one of the best schools near Kalina, were introduced to the colour ‘black’ in the classroom.The classroom was decorated with hangings of objects such as –crow, mobile phone, bear, spider,bat, balloons etc. Children came to school dressed according to the theme and were excited to see the decorations. The teacher displayed various black coloured objects such as – belt,clips, shoes etc. which the children were able to identify. They were also excited to participate in a recapitulation session of the colour where the teacher asked many questions and children answered them correctly. Children also did an activity of colouring on different pictures drawn by the teacher. They enjoyed being a part of the day’s activities and the learning objective of the session was also met.